Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Long Eaton Arriba! Wellness Club

'Grand Opening'

The Club is situated on Bank Street (next to the Focus DIY Store). The Grand opening ceremony will begin at 10.30am on Saturday 15th January with a ribbon cutting and a short speech from local Councillor Keri Andrews. Guests will then be invited into the Center to take a look around and to partake in a celebratory toast to mark the occasion.

The purpose of the club is to allow local people to learn about good nutrition and also to help us to help the local community to become generally healthier. I am sure that you are aware, there is a growing health problem in this country which is primarily caused by poor nutrition which seems strange in a country that is so abundant in its resources!!

What is a Nutrition Club?

It’s a location where people from the community are invited to visit and learn about Health and Wellness through the initial serving of 3 of our healthy products, these being Aloe, Energising Tea and a Nutritious Smoothie.

The Club provides for its Members a safe haven; a place for them to go have fun, relax, make new friends and receive positive reassurance .The members will also have the opportunity to receive a free Wellness Evaluation which willl enable them to start to make some small lifestyle changes to help them to become fitter and healthier. Additionally there is an opportunity for the members to take advantage of being able to receive a full body scan which, amongst other things will reveal their body fat percentage, their muscle mass, their level of hydration and their metabolic age. During the course of their visits, our members will be invited to come along to one of our popular Arriba! 12 week Weight Loss Challenges to see whether they can become the 'Biggest Loser'.

An interesting fact is that there are currently in excess of 30,000 of these clubs running in Mexico alone, with several thousand more in the USA, currently there are around 100 in the U.K. so we may well see many more clubs like this over the next few years

If you would like any more information or have any questions, please either contact myself or my wife Shayleen on 0115- 8495084 or 07903811374.