Monday, 24 January 2011


A Long Eaton Woman died after a fire at her home in Wellington Street on Friday morning, January 14th. Next door neighbour Richard Golder, 41, alerted the fire service after smelling burning at 7.40am. The first appliance arrived within five minutes followed by crews from five other stations. Firemen were hampered by the amount of rubbish in and around the house. The alleyway leading to the back garden was blocked from floor to ceiling.

By dinner time Skips and lorries were brought in to clear rubbish and help gain access. At tea time a spokeswoman for Derbyshire Fire Service said:"We have completed a search of the house as far as is feasible. The fire burned through the joists and the first floor fell into the ground floor. One person remains unaccounted for."

On Friday evening, after 14 hours, firefighters handed the search over to police who continued to struggle because of the damage to the building. Police finally discovered the body at 11am on Monday January 17th more than three days after the fire started.

Neighbour Richard Golder said: “We have complained to the Council many times over the last ten years about the rubbish being a hazard but they told us that it was her house and she could do what she wanted. They said that the rubbish on the garden was not a public nuisance as there was a six foot fence and that it was a civil matter. A fire like this is what we've feared.”

The ajoining houses suffered smoke and water damage and had to be evacuated. Mr Golder and his family were moved to the Risley Hall Hotel and are waiting to meet insurance assessors. The occupant of the house Linda Parkes who is in her late 50s was described by neighbours as a “recluse.” A police spokeswoman said: "The body has not yet been identified and the coroner has been informed. "