Monday, 16 May 2011

by C R Davies
Latest developments in Long Eaton's bus war are that, from Tuesday 3rd May Premiere's Red 5 was extended to the Dales estate all day. On the same date the Bargain Bus 4 mysteriously disappeared - I understand they may have a nasty shock in store for us in July, but at least Gills can breath easy for now - their customers did a champion job in sticking by the company.

On Saturday 30th April Trentbarton introduced new, smaller buses on the Old Sawley-Ilkeston 15, though persisting with the 20m. headway. Whilst these buses will find it easier to get through the traffic, there will continue to be problems of bunching and overcrowding will be a bugbear. I think they are going to be looking at the timetable.
With the impending demise of the no.19 on 1st August I think some of the bus companies should be looking at taking it on commercially - loadings continue to be good. I travelled on one with 20 passengers on it a couple of weeks ago, and this is much better than the Bargain Bus 4 was ever achieving. The bus companies should be willing to accept lower profit margins to run a bus service that is needed and wanted & stop messing about putting buses in front of buses, which is a plainly stupid way to act.
Responding to Adele Marsh in the last edition of Website Extra, I understand the reason the Star trak signs no longer work (with the odd exception of the one at Draycott Market Place, Nottingham bound) is that Leicester CIty Council, who control the system, switched it off.
Pictures and story by C.R. Davis, Long Eaton