Monday, 6 June 2011


Two men were arrested on suspicion of assault after a man was shot near the junction of Oakleys Road and Main Street. The incident occurred at 12.10 am on Wednesday June 1st.
Officers on foot patrol came across the man on Main Street and noticed blood on his hand. He was taken to QMC for treatment to the injured hand and to have a pellet removed from his shoulder. The injured man was one of a group of people who had been sleeping rough in a wooded area between Oakleys Road and the Golden Brook. It is believed that the group had been drinking. When an air rifle was pointed at the victim he put up his hand and said “You wouldn’t dare.” At this point the man with the gun fired and the pellet passed through his hand. As he fled the scene he was shot in the shoulder.

Police cordoned off the area and carried out a search. They arrested one man at 1.30am and a second man at 1.45am. The two men aged 49 and 59 were taken into custody. They were later released on

During a search of the area police found an air rifle in bushes.

On Sunday morning a care worker visiting a house across the road told the Extra. “People have been staying on the site on and off for several months but I’ve not seen anyone for the last three or four days.”