Saturday, 22 October 2011


A fire in Leicester Street was so ferocious it burned through the upstair floors and the roof leaving just a shell. The fire started just after 5am on Wednesday October 5th and it took 28 firemen to contain the blaze. A woman and two children had left the building before firemen arrived. Properties on either side were evacuated as a precaution.
On the same day a fire at a sub station near the Tappers Harker on Main Street, resulted in 12 people being evacuated from their homes. The fire spread to nearby trees and a building occupied by Leather Master. The fire was out by 5.30am and firemen left the scene at 7am. Over 280 properties were left without electricity. A spokeswoman for Western Power said that power had been restored by 3pm. The sub-station fire is being treated as arson.
Firemen were called to Haddon Way at 10.45pm on Saturday October 8th. They arrived to find a row of trees on fire and were on the scene for half an hour.

Long Eaton artist Justine Nettleton is showcasing her exhibition, A Walk In The Park, at Derby Cathedral Centre on Iron Gate. The show was inspired by Justine's daily bike rides through West Park in Long Eaton and in particular the way the early evening light falls through the trees. Her work is being displayed until October 31