Saturday, 22 October 2011


Nearly 11 tonnes of unfit meat seized from a Long Eaton kebab business has been destroyed by Erewash Borough Council after magistrates agreed to its request to have it condemned. The Councils Food Health and Safety team seized the meat from MacDonnas Kebabs to remove it from the food chain after it was discovered it did not meet food hygiene regulations.

Officers visited the premises at Unit 6, Breydon Industrial Estate, Husss Lane, Long Eaton, when they became aware the business had been set up without going through the approval process required by law. Notices were issued initially to stop the business making any further products and to stop the kebabs already made from being moved or used. After further investigations the Council was unable to confirm where the meat used to make the kebabs had originated or if it had been produced in properly approved premises. Since there could be no guarantee that the meat had been produced, processed and distributed in line with food hygiene regulations, the Council could not be sure it was fit to eat.
Councillor Barbara Harrison, Erewash Borough Councils Lead Member for the Environment, says:

“Our team moved swiftly to seize the meat and the kebabs to ensure they did not reach the food chain. We then applied to Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court, where a District Judge confirmed our actions and ordered the destruction of the meat.”
Although Council officers provided information to those running the business on the approvals needed for a meat processing unit, they have not applied for the necessary permissions and all production has ceased. The Council team is currently continuing its investigations into the activities at the premises.