Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Stage One held a charity afternoon/evening on Tuesday November 8th in aid of Olivia.
Olivia Francis was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia/Atrophy which has made her completely blind. She has been accepted for stem cell treatment in China, the only treatment in the world that could make her see. This procedure is not available on the NHS and the UK is years away from even researching this kind of treatment properly.
Olivia will be two years old on December 25th and despite being blind she is a very happy, smiley noisy brave little girl, her speech is amazing and she tries to say every word she hears and loves animal noises. Although Olivia has movement issues she is able to stand and walk sideways around the house holding onto the walls and furniture she has even been brave enough to attempt walking forwards without any help from anyone. Olivia loves splashing in the bath with her older brother and the swing is her favourite at the park, she already has a love for music and will dance to anything played.
 All the staff at Stage One worked for nothing including DJ Jules with their wages going into the kitty. There was a raffle, blackout cards, guess how much money was in the piggy bank and the Karaoke was £1 a go. In addition Hamburgers and hot dogs were on sale with the proceeds going into the fund. If you had a guess, the pig contained £7.50 the winner was Karen (£5.87) I was a mile out with £27.80. The Karaoke made £32.17 (someone must have sang half a verse) and although most of the singers were amateurs Fred the Spread threw in a pound and sang Sea of Heartbreak. The total raised came to £933.17 and Landlady Shell announced that she would make it up to a round £1000.
Olivia’s mum Gemma said :
“It is overwhelming how many people want to help us and are taking part. I can’t thank Stage One enough. We have raised £13K up to now and in addition an event at Keltruck Scania raised £3,800 and the managing director is going to put a personal donation of 10K into the fund.”

Getting Olivia to China is a major task, if you can afford to make a donation (no matter how little) you can do so by visiting www.oliviasappeal.co.uk