Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Last Thursday, during the latest “Balsam Bash”, Friends of West Park made considerable progress against the Himalayan Balsam, an invasive plant which is doing it’s best to over run Fox Covert, West Park’s Nature Reserve.

Temperatures were high but eight members of The Friends of West Park were  in attendance, including councilors Chris Corbett, Leader of Erewash Borough Council and Kewal Singh Athwal , the Deputy Mayor.

The group had this to say: "FOWP would like to thank all those who attended on Thursday for their valiant attempts at removing the Himalayan Balsam, whilst fending off nettles, brambles and mosquitos.  Well done all!"

Watch out for details of the next “Balsam Bash” coming in the next couple of weeks.

From left to right; Jane & Angus Gordon, Shelley Lally, Mike Powell, Councillors Kewal Singh Athwal and Chris Corbett and Paul Marsden.  Photo taken by David Lally.