Monday, 19 August 2013


After almost a year of preparation and fundraising, the Long Eaton Militaires are putting the final preparations to their trip to China.

The band have been invited to participate in the Shanghai Tourism Festival in September – the only organisation from the UK to be involved.

Band Secretary Julie Baldock had this to say:

"Everyone has worked really hard in the last few months to raise the cost of our flights and visas etc  and we still hope to receive donations or sponsors etc to help support the trip. This is an amazing opportunity not just for us but Long Eaton and the East Midlands too and I would urge local businesses that are looking to expand into the international market to get in touch. There are some 13 bands from all over the world invited – not to mention the numerous Chinese organizations that will be involved. The main evening parade will be broadcast live to some 200 million people!"

The band would like to thank everyone who has donated so far including our local Councillor Roland Hosker and businesses and organisations throughout the local area as well as friends and family and carnival visitors throughout the UK.  An official message of thanks will appear on their website after the trip on