Thursday, 1 August 2013


It is with great sadness that Friends of West Park have had to accept the necessary felling of 21 poplar trees on West Park.  An independent tree survey has confirmed the decision by Erewash Borough Council that the trees are dangerous and will become more so as time goes on.

The poplar is a fast growing tree that can grow to a height of around 15 metres in 20 years, characteristics which made it an ideal choice for providing tree cover and shelter from the wind when West Park was first established.  The natural lifespan of a poplar tree is around 60 – 80 years, with the trees marked for felling way past their maturity.  As they age, they become hollow inside and brittle, so although they may look fine on the outside they are often in quite a dangerous state.

The 21 trees due to be felled this September are situated along the main pathway from the Leisure Centre car park, leading to the play area, they form a shelter belt, which means that removing the worst affected trees is not a viable proposition, as it would leave the remaining trees in a more vulnerable position.

It is proposed that native tree species will replace the poplars that are due to be removed.

The poplars to the right of the pathway are some of the trees due for removal.