Thursday, 29 August 2013


A local resident is planning to make a film about Toton, culminating in the opening of the town's new tram terminus.

The film is currently in pre-production but local man and independent filmmaker Melvyn Rawlinson, in collaboration with Nottingham Filmmakers  is hoping to gather local stories about the transformation of the town.

Talking about the film, When This Was All Fields, Melvyn had this to say:

"Having lived locally for 30 years and been resident in Toton for half of that time I am aware that we are potentially on the verge of another massive expansion to the area – perhaps one not seen since the building of the estate in the late 1950’s.

I know there are a great many stories to be told by residents; many still living in the same houses they bought when first married over 50 years ago. I think their stories will have a resonance not just to those living in Toton now but also to those yet to come.

Although it will essentially be an opportunity  of reflection by the older members of the community I hope to produce a film which will take a positive view of the future. Initially I’m inviting anyone with a story to tell or old photos and videos to share to get in touch."

When This Was All Fields is completely self financed and is expected to be completed shortly after the opening of the tram terminus in the autumn of 2014. Upon competition there will be a local premiere and the film will be freely available to watch online. 

If you have any photos and videos of anything relating to life in Toton in the past 60 years or earlier then please get in touch on