Monday, 30 September 2013


The following is a letter from Paul Marsden, the Chairman of Friends of West Park.

Some consternation has been expressed regarding the removal of poplar trees from West Park.   These trees have a normal lifespan of 50 or 60 years, the trees being felled are about 80 years old, and so 21 of them by the bonfire site are being felled at the moment, to be immediately replaced by an avenue of native hardwoods.

It does look a bit bleak at the moment; this would have been ameliorated, had the council planted the replacement trees, between the poplars, some years ago.  However, we are where we are and the new trees will be planted as quickly as possible, we are assured by Erewash Borough Council.

Other things for park watchers to look for are the completion of the formal gardens and the completion of the planetary garden, on the site of the old putting green, both by the end of November and the replanting of the corner by the brook, by the skateboard park also by the end of November.

These plans are also in place by Erewash borough Council: -

The replanting of the borders with miniature daffodils and bluebells is to go ahead pretty well immediately. 

The missing, vandalized exercise machines will also be back in place very quickly now, having been repaired or replaced.

Already in progress are the repairs to the railings and wall by the canal and the new pathway from the playgrounds to the canal entrance.

Watch out for all these changes – there is plenty to look forward to!

Paul Marsden
Chairman of Friends of West Park.