Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Local filmmaker Anthony Winson is set to release his first feature film this January.

The film, The Haunting Of Baylock Residence, revolves around the character of Patricia Woodhouse who, after hearing that her older sister has passed away, goes to help remove all of her belongings. Once inside the house it's not long before the sinister forces let themselves be known.

Anthony's first feature-length film follows the production of multiple short films over the past-three years, including recent production The Devil's Claw which featured at the Long Island Macabre Faire Film Festival, in America.

Talking about the new film, Anthony said: "I wrote the script 5 years ago and started to make it. Due to a computer problem I lost all footage at that time. Now 5 years later I rediscovered the script and being more experience and knowing more people I've actually been able to make it the way I originally intended."

Antony is currently still seeking distribution for The Haunting Of Baylock Residence and asks for anyone who can help to get in touch.

His latest release is set to be shown at Screen 22, Nottingham, in the New Year.
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