Friday, 27 December 2013


Following the announcement of the two exhibitions regarding the proposed Long Eaton Cycle Safety Scheme the first of which was held at Long Eaton Town Hall on Tuesday December 17th a number of residents have asked questions about the scheme. Consultation officer Ian Marsden contacted Paul Jameson of Derbyshire County Council to obtain answers to these questions. The questions and Paul’s answers are listed below for your information.

Q)Are the details of the proposed cycle safety scheme consultation available on the internet? (A search of the DCC website has been unsuccessful in finding any information) If not, when will they be available and where will they be located on the internet?

The consultation is not currently on the DCC website but it may be possible to put the information on the website when the plans are ready. An officer from our Traffic & Safety Team will enquire to establish whether this would be feasible.

Q)Is it possible to obtain the details of the traffic flow calculations that have been taken into consideration when drafting the cycle safety scheme? The current high volume of traffic along the route of Derby Road – The Green – Nottingham Road is of particular concern.

I have checked with the Senior Project Officer (Transportation Data & Analysis Team) who has confirmed that the team has undertaken work at the roundabout in regard to the proposed junction signalisation. If the resident wishes to be provided with this data I would suggest that they make a request under Freedom of Information.

Q) Is it possible to obtain information relating to the context of the 44 cycle accidents that have led to the proposal, i.e. were the cyclists at fault for any of the accidents; did the accidents take place during daylight or night time; did the accidents take place during wet / dry conditions?

The collision history for any particular route or location is gathered from police reports which do not apportion blame. I am not at liberty to provide the details of the collisions – i.e. road conditions, time of day, etc. Central Government identified 44 sites across the country which suffer from a particular cycle-related collision problem. Investigations carried out as part of the funding application identified 26 cyclist injuries over a 5-year period along this route. I think it would be safe to say that, given the number of collisions, there will no doubt be many variables in regard to contributory factors. Collision data is held by the Police and I suspect that the resident would need to submit a Freedom of Information request to them if they want further details.

Paul went on to say:
"I would encourage the resident(s) who raised these queries to attend the public exhibition in January, if they are able to do so. Officers in attendance may be able to offer assistance on the above and any other queries they may have. The exhibition will take place at Long Eaton Town Hall, between 11am and 6.45pm on Wednesday 22nd January 2014."