Sunday, 16 March 2014


Long Eaton Swimming Club had its most successful County Championships, finishing third in the medals table. Members of Long Eaton Swimming Club brought back a bumper bundle of medals from the first weekend of the Derbyshire County Championships at Matlock on 22nd and 23rd February 2014. Twelve-year-old Katie Sloan powered home to win four medals including golds in the 50m freestyle and 200m backstroke and silvers in the 800m freestyle and 50m butterfly. Kevin Wallbank, 17, touched the board to win the 17/19 years 50m breaststroke, four seconds ahead of second place, taking the open age category title in the process. He won gold in the 17- years 200m butterfly and again in the 100m butterfly with his fellow club member Mischa Menzies close behind in silver position. The positions were reversed in the 17/19-years 200m freestyle where Menzies took gold.! Menzies tied with City of Derby swimmer Ryan Reader to take first place in the men’s 14-years 200m freestyle in a time of 01.53.58.! Matthew Cross won silver in the 13 years 100m backstroke and gold in the 200m butterfly where he was joined on the podium by Joshua Bestwick in bronze medal position.
In the nine-year-olds 50m freestyle, Harmony Torrington took home the gold medal with her team mate Eliza Walker taking the bronze. Walker also got her own gold medal in the 50m butterfly. Fourteen-year-old Francesa Muir-Harris came in 19 seconds ahead of her nearest rival to take gold in the 800m freestyle event. Josephine Parker won first place and Hannah Dowell third, securing medals in the 16 years 50m freestyle.
On day two, Harmony Torrington continued her form by winning gold in the nine-year-olds 400m individual medley. Eden Michell won the title in the 16-years and under category repeating her performance in the 15 years 50m butterfly, while Josephine Parker and Hannah Dowell took gold and silver respectively in the 16-year-old age group. In the 17/19 years butterfly category Tyler-Anne Black added a gold medal to her win in the 50m freestyle.
In the men’s individual medley event there were further medals for the team with Matthew Cross winning bronze in the 13-years category and a silver for Ben Saunders in the 16 years. Kevin Wallbank took gold in the open event.
Elle Pryce and Erin Dilks both took silvers in their age categories for the 200m backstroke.
The men won further glory in the 400m freestyle with Matthew Cross, 13, and Edward Martin, 15 both earning silvers in their age groups. In the women’s 100m freestyle event Sian James and Elle Pryce took silvers in their age
categories with Tyler-Anne Black also winning silver in the 17/19 years.
As the second weekend of the Championships gets underway on March 1 and 2, Long Eaton currently lie third in the medal table.! Chief coach, Spencer George said: ‘There were lots of personal bests, regional times and county
champions. Considering we are lower on entries than 2013, we still lie third in the medal table only four golds down on this time last year but with a higher overall medal tally.’
Other winners:

Helen Gorman - Gold - Women’s 20+ 200m individual medley.
Mimi Roberts - Silver - Women’s 100m breaststroke.
Esther Halford - Silver -Women’s 13yrs 800m freestyle.
Harry Charitos - Silver - Men’s 15 yrs 100m backstroke / Silver - Men’s 15yrs 50m backstroke.
Kye Hazelton - Bronze - Men’s 200m butterfly.
Ben Tipping - Bronze - Men’s 9yrs 50m breaststroke.
Sian James - Bronze - Women’s 13yrs - 50m freestyle.
Helen Gorman - Bronze - Women’s 13yrs+ 100m breaststroke.
Hannah Dowell - Bronze - Women’s 16yrs - 100m breaststroke.
Hannah Cox - Bronze - Women’s 17/19yrs - 100m breaststoke.
Edward Martin - Bronze - Men’s 15yrs - 200m freestyle.
Thomas Pipes - Bronze - Men’s 13yrs - 50m butterfly.

The second weekend of the Derbyshire County Swimming Championships brought further success for members of Long Eaton Swimming Club. (01/03/2014 - 02/03/2014).
Katie Sloan, 12, and Harmony Torrington, 9, continued their success from the previous weekend. Sloan took home six more gold medals and Torrington won seven. They also both took first place in the BAGCATS awards which are given for the best swimmers at the championships in the their age categories. Chief Coach Spencer George said:
"We finished the final weekend of individual counties with a flourish. We added 39 golds to the previous weekends 21. We surpassed last years medal haul of 102 in total by taking 124 medals, our highest ever total. I came away with a massive sense of satisfaction and pride. People consider us a big club, not only in terms of results but in swimmer numbers. We have one of the smallest memberships in the county but because of our set up and attention to detail we just continue to produce quality swimmers."
List of medal winners:
Harmony Torrington - Gold - Womens 9yrs 50m backstroke.
- Gold - Womens 9yrs 200m freestyle.
- Gold - Womens 9yrs 50m breaststroke.
- Gold - Womens 9yrs 200m individual medley.
- Gold - Womens 9yrs 400m freestyle.
- Gold - Womens 9yrs 100m individual medley.
- Gold - Womens 9yrs 200m breaststroke.
Katie Sloan - Gold - Womens 12yrs 50m backstroke.
- Gold - Womens 12yrs 200m freestyle.
- Gold - Womens 12yrs 100m butterfly.
- Gold - Womens 12yrs 100m backstroke.
- Gold - Womens 12yrs 200m individual medley.
- Gold - Womens 12yrs 100m individual medley.

Elle Pryce - Gold - Womens 14yrs 100m individual medley.
- Gold - Womens 14yrs 100m backstroke.
- Gold - Womens 14yrs 50m backstroke.
- Gold - Womens 14yrs 200m freestyle.
- Gold - Womens 14yrs 400m freestyle.
Tyler-Anne Black - Gold - Womens 17/19yrs 100m individual medley.
- Gold - Womens 17/19yrs 50m backstroke.
- Gold - Womens 17/19yrs 100m butterfly.
- Silver - Womens 17/19yrs 50m breaststroke.
Edward Martin - Silver - Mens 15yrs 400m individual medley.
- Silver - Mens 15yrs 50m butterfly.
- Bronze - Mens 15yrs 100m freestyle.
Matthew Cross - Silver - Mens 13yrs 200m individual medley.
- Silver - Mens 13yrs 400m individual medley.
- Silver - Mens 13yrs 200m backstroke.
- Silver - Mens 13yrs 1500m freestyle.
- Bronze - Mens 13yrs 50m freestyle.
- Bronze - Mens 13yrs 100m freestyle.
Mimi Roberts - Silver - Womens 12yrs 50m breaststroke.
- Silver - Womens 12yrs 200m butterfly.
- Silver - Womens 12yrs 200m individual medley.
- Silver - Womens 12yrs 200m breaststroke.
Mischa Menzies - Gold - Mens 17/19yrs 100m freestyle.
- Gold - Mens 17/19yrs 50m freestyle.
- Gold - Mens Open 50m butterfly.
Kevin Wallbank - Gold - Mens 200m breaststroke.
- Gold - Mens 17/19yrs 200m individual medley.
- Bronze - Men’s 17/19yrs 50m freestyle.

Katherine Williamson - Gold - Womens o/20yrs 50m backstroke.
- Gold - Womens o/20yrs 100m individual medley.
Eden Mitchell - Gold - Womens 15yrs 50m breaststroke.
- Silver - Womens 15yrs 200m butterfly.
Ben Saunders - Bronze - Mens 16yrs 50m butterfly.
- Bronze - Mens 16yrs 200m individual medley.
Esther Halford - Silver - Womens 13yrs 200m butterfly.
- Bronze - Womens 13 yrs 400m freestyle.
Hannah Jones - Gold - Womens 16yrs 200m butterfly.
- Gold - Womens 16yrs 100m butterfly.
Harry Charitos - Silver - Mens 200m individual medley.
- Bronze - Mens 200m backstroke.
Hannah Cox - Gold - Womens 17/19yrs 50m freestyle.
Hannah Dowell - Gold - Womens 16yrs 50m breasts stroke.
Steven Barratt - Gold - Mens o/20yrs 50m freestyle.
Eliza Walker - Bronze - Womens 9yrs 100m individual medley