Thursday, 10 April 2014


Plans to remove the Green at Long Eaton and replace it with traffic lights have been scrapped. In April 2013 Derbyshire County Council announced that a grant of £400,000 from the Government's Cycle Safety Fund had been secured and a scheme to make Long Eaton safer for cyclists and pedestrians was to be implemented. The scheme involved removing the roundabout and replacing it with a signalised junction. In January this year a second public consultation took place at the Town Hall. The event was well attended and it was obvious that the public did not like the idea.

A spokesman for the Council said “It was clear from the consultation that local people did not want us to remove The Green so we are now looking at a reduced package of measures that will improve safety for cyclists. These measures will be put to councillors at a meeting on April 15th.”

The alternative proposals include linking the existing cycle network to new cycle lanes along the A6005 Derby and Nottingham Road, installing a toucan crossing on Derby Road just west of College Street and extending the existing 30mph speed limit out along Derby Road to just west of Parkside Avenue. These measures will be subject to a further consultation with local people and will cost £110,000.

Councillor Chris Corbett said:

“Well done to the Long Eaton Green campaigners. It goes to show what working together can achieve, by those of both Political Parties and of none. I am however unsure of the impact on traffic flow on the proposed new Toucan crossing west of College Street, but we shall have to wait and see. I am also delighted that this campaign has resulted in the likely creation of a Civic Society for Long Eaton. The Borough Council will be delighted to work with this new group on improving the environment and vitality of Long Eaton.”