Monday, 26 May 2014

There has been an amendment to the Society's current programme, which unfortunately means that its next meeting will be held on Monday, 26th May, which is the Spring Bank Holiday, (not the 19th May as published earlier). Frank Earp will give a talk on that local legend, The Wise Men of Gotham, in the usual venue, Sawley Church Hall, Tamworth Road, Old Sawley, at 7.45 p.m. Annual membership of the Society costs £5; admission to talks is £1 for members, £2.50 for guests.(For enquiries please contact Pam on 01332 872 148)


Jon Walker Community Life Champion of Asda Long Eaton, made a visit to Dovedale Primary last week. He told the Extra: “We received a letter from Sue Dainty the Deputy head and some of her pupils requesting some help with improvements to the outdoor area at the school. They want to add sensory areas and nature areas to the outdoor garden. The Children have been working hard to raise the funds for the project and had recently raised £218.62 at a fair.
Asda were more than happy to help as always. Theye went along to the school and took with them Trees and lavender for the sensory garden. Sue showed Jon around the area they are working on. And they spent some time talking about Asda’s School project. As a result they will be visiting the school again to run some group sessions on herbs and fruits with the Children.