Sunday, 25 May 2014

Toton Marshalling Yards shows - "right away" next year.

As our editor Tony pointed out in the last issue of this magazine we were "on the block at Zingari" given that Trent to Toton was a double block system - railwaymen will know this terminolgy.

Looking back at the tremendous response from Toton railwaymen and the general public of Long Eaton and district did surprise us with the huge unexpected turnout for both shows it was a privilege to present in Long Eaton the home of Toton sidings.

We were taken totally by surprise that both performances where full to capacity.

Apologies to all that were unable to get in to see any of the shows there was not a seat to be had when the shows began and for safetys sake many were turned away which was regretfull - we hope not be "on the block" next time !

Many of the Toton men attending told me they new my father Walter Amos whilst at Toton which was very evocative and a proud moment.

We are therefore going to present two performances again next year on a Saturday and of course the programme will be revised with some new images, we have already changed the show from that seen at Zingari and there should be some new images by next years shows.

Resulting from my appeal for pictures at Zingari a number of people have kindly come forward with possible pictures and I will be following up their kind offers all have been initially contacted.

A performance at Burton Railway Society on May 7th was attended by 95 guests with offers of pictures and we still have bookings to attend at the railway societies of Matlock, Lincoln and Nuneaton.

 The show is available to any society but there is a charge and travelling costs if not local.

 Next years show will be advertised well in advance through the Long Eaton Web Magazine and other local facilities. We do hope that those who missed this year or could not get in will attend next year and may we suggest that they come early as the doors will be open 90 mins before the start of each programme with a licensed bar throughout.

 Finally if there are any steam days pictures of Toton out there we would be delighted to hear from you all costs will be covered.

kind regards,

Brian Amos 01332 872320 and Phil Burton