Monday, 9 June 2014


Sawley & District Historical Society is seeking the public’s help in staging an exhibition to commemorate the First World War. The following list is of names of those Sawley men who lost their lives through the conflict, and the society would welcome any information that their families may have from those years. Letters home and photographs from serving soldiers, photographs of them with their family, friends and workmates, military records, are examples of what is being sought.
Stories of surviving soldiers that have been handed down through the family will also be welcome, as will photographs and accounts of Sawley’s village life during those war years. These may be letters, newspaper articles, church magazines and other publications. Photographs and documents will be copied and any artefacts and memorabilia that would be precious and at risk, will be displayed in a secure cabinet. All items will be returned to their owner.
The exhibition is to be displayed at Sawley Parish Church’s 47th Annual Flower Festival which will be held over the Bank Holiday weekend 23rd – 26th August. For further details, contact should be made with the chairman, Graham Grammer, telephone 01332 850321.
Henry (Harry)Adams, Edmund Horatio Allport, Osborne Atkinson, George Henry Barker, George Barrett, John William Bates, William T Berresford, Thomas Berrington, Harold Berry, Percy Charles Berry, Alfred Booth, Arthur Boultbee, Charles W Brooks, J.T.Burrows, William E. Burrows, George Chappell, Arthur Victor Clewes, Ernest Clifford, Roy Gideon Clifford, Thomas W.Cooper, William Crane, Charles Isaac I.Crisp, David Thomas Daft, George Wilfred Daft, Nathan Earl, Leonard Foster, William Green, Benjamin Gundry, Norman Victor Harvey, Percy Hatton, Thomas Walter Irons, Harold Johnson, Thomas King, George Kitching, Frederick Leivers, John William Leivars, Frederick Linnell,
Frederick Maddocks, Job Marsden, Frederick Masters, Ernest William May, John Arthur Meads, Percy Mellors, Edgar Newbold, William Edward Owen, Ernest Albert Parker, William Parker, William Arthur Peters, Sidney (Sid) Poyser, A. Richards, William Ride, Arthur Roper, George Roper, James William Rose, Edward Lionel Rowe, James Rudd, William Salt, Joseph Shaw, W. Thomas Shelton, William Josiah Shepherd, James Simpson, Frederick Smith, George Smith, Harold Smith, Horace Stevens, Thomas Stevens, George Sturgess, Bert Townsend, Leonard Townsend, Ernest Turner, John Turner, George H. Walker, Thomas Watson, Francis William White, Arthur Williamson, William E. Williamson, Oliver Wilmot, Leslie Winfield, Owen T. Winfield, George Wombwell, William Woods, Herbert Wright.