Monday, 9 June 2014


On Wednesday afternoon on May 21st Oliver dragged himself down the drive at his home on the Dales Estate. His owner assumed that as he was dragging his back leg he had been run over and rushed him to the vets. Olivers owner told the Extra:

"Obviously I took him straight to the vets to find out the damage and hopefully save him. Upon x-raying him I was informed that he had not been ran over but had actually been shot with an air rifle causing him to suffer spinal damage, a collapsed lung and a question as to whether he will ever walk properly again. I hope Olivers story will make people aware of the disgusting and depraved acts others are capable of and will make other pet owners on the estate vigilant as I know from my vet that my cat isn't the first to be shot. The next victim may be a child and not a pet."
Oliver was due to return home last Tuesday but he wasn't well enough and still in pain.