Friday, 10 October 2014


Statement by Councillor Chris Corbett, Leader of Erewash Borough Council:
“We are aware of the rumour that the HS2 station could be moved to the Erewash borough. We have no insight into this speculation and await the report that is due to be released on 27th October. However, if it is suggested in that report that the hub be moved to Breaston, it would seem a strange proposal and I would certainly be against it and strongly oppose any such move. It would mean cutting through greenbelt land and this council takes a strong stand in preserving our greenbelt. The fact it is also a flood area would also make it a curious proposal. It has always seemed to me that Toton – which is a brownfield site - is the best place for the HS2 station and we have been working hard along with the other local councils to make this a reality.”