Thursday, 12 February 2015


Danny Dunton, who rode for Long Eaton Archers.and was also a co-promoter, has died, aged 90. Danny died on 2nd January 2015 after a long illness. He started riding with Harringay Racers in 1949, having taken his bike along to a meeting. He also rode for Belle Vue Aces, Ipswich Witches, Rebels and Long Eaton Archers. In only his second season he qualified for the world championship final finishing 12th. Dunton retired from racing at Long Eaton at the end of 1963, having scored 127½ points from 17 matches.

During the 1970’s, after retiring from riding, he served on the British League Committee and then the National League as its chairman from 1981-85 and 1987. He was honoured by being made president in 1988.