Sunday, 15 February 2015


Long Eaton tennis player Freya Horton has been chosen to represent the County. She has also been selected by Catherine Fletcher to join the newly formed Junior National Deaf Tennis squad.
Ten year old Freya, has been playing tennis for approximately 18 months and despite wearing bilateral hearing aids is absolutely passionate about the sport. For Freya tennis is one area in her life where her hearing loss in no way hinders her performance. She is extremely mature and dedicated proven by what she has achieved in such a short time.
The adult squad compete around the world and have their own Olympics. Freya is required to be coached for that squad twice a month in London. She loves attending as she gets to mix with other children with hearing loss. Like most deaf children, Freya has developed sophisticated coping techniques to disguise her inability to hear everything. Her coach in London is specifically trained to work with the deaf, using signs to ensure instructions are clearly understood. Freya trains with her older sister at West Park Long Eaton, and also uses the courts at Attenborough and the Nottingham Tennis Centre.

Freyas mother Alison is a single parent to four playing daughters aged 5,7,10, and 12 and works full time. She told the Extra: In order for Freya to continue developing she needs sponsorship. This would enable her to have private lessons each week and help with the cost of travel, tournament entry costs, and equipment. Freya is currently hitting with a local business man who has a background in tennis, while I try to gain funding to pay for a fulltime coach. Please see this article in the Nottingham Evening Post to see the full story on Adam Maddock; Sponsorship would enable Freya to have private lessons with a coach qualified in handling hearing impaired children; her prognosis is that her hearing will continue to deteriorate. I am hoping media coverage would help her get the relevant support.”

Freya’s tennis journey can now be followed on Twitter @Freybotennis. She also has a fund raising page; where donations can be made. Alison can be reached at or on 07703739508.