Friday, 27 February 2015


In October 2014 Sir David Higgins, Chairman of HS2 Ltd, announced that Breaston was being considered as an alternative to the previously favoured East Midlands Hub Site at Toton.
This unforeseen development resulted in 3 public meetings, attended by hundreds of very concerned residents, being held in the village.
The implications of such a development going ahead came in for much heated discussion and lengthy debate. It was agreed that in view of the total unsuitability of Breaston from a green belt, environmental and flooding perspective, an action group should be set up.
Under the banner of "Breaston Scrub The Hub" the group is supported by a team with the contacts and a mix of skills capable of fighting the proposal on both political and technical fronts.
Meetings are currently held once a month, a petition is gathering momentum and future public events are being planned to fund publicity and raise awareness. A report detailing our social, environmental and technical objections has been submitted to Sir David Higgins, who complimented us on its content.

Despite much speculation and following several Government ‘Announcements’, no further information regarding a final decision or precise route has been forthcoming. At the latest meeting in Nottingham between Sir David Higgins and East Midlands Councils on the 2nd February, our representative reported that ‘Sir David said that the station's site would be either Toton or Breaston (plan B). He was fully aware and sympathised with people’s concerns; however there was still some work in progress to be completed, so a decision would quite probably not be forthcoming until June or July at the earliest’.

Importantly however, at the same meeting, all local Councils across the East Midlands announced that they were united in the view that Toton was their preferred option.

During this period of decision making the Action Group will continue to make HS2 Ltd and the Minister of State for Transport, fully aware of the depth of feeling within the community and the folly of building the Hub on a flood plain and green belt, whilst decimating several rural communities when there appear to be other far more suitable sites in the area.

For further information, updates or comments, please contact us on, @ScrubTheHS2Hub on Twitter or ‘Breaston Scrub The Hub’ on Facebook.