Thursday, 16 July 2015


By Caroline Simms

At approximately 8.30pm on Thursday July 9th at the bus stop opposite the Soldiers and Sailors Club on Tamworth Road all hell let loose. A black VW Golf going too fast had attempted to overtake another vehicle (Vauxhall Astra) at the Long Eaton Train Station roundabout. Soon after the VW Golf lost control hitting the railings on the corner and continued to career through the hedge and gardens of two houses next to the bus stop ending up in the front garden of one of the houses .
During the crash the out of control car took out several concrete posts and fences and ended up hitting the electronic bus timetable post which was severed in half. Looking at the trail of destruction left after the incident several people said it was lucky there was no one waiting at the bus stop. Becky Walker who working behind the bar at the Soldiers Club witnessed the event. She commented, “ I heard what sounded like thunder and then the next thing I saw was a car hurtling through the air with soil and garden debris and hedges flying everywhere.
I rushed to the window and saw the car crashed in the front garden opposite next to the bus stop. I rang the emergency services and told them there’s been a car crash. The fire brigade arrived quickly, followed by police and ambulances. Some of the pool team from the Soldiers Club went out to see if they could help. They said it was carnage.”

Then what followed was bizarre. The man in the crashed car who wasn’t badly injured was assaulted by a passer-by who had witnessed the incident.
Another eyewitness who lives a few doors down from where the incident happened said, “ I heard an almighty crash and as I looked out of my window I saw a car crashed in the garden of the house next to the bus stop. We were informed that the driver of the car was arrested at the scene. He was subsequently breathalysed but was not intoxicated.”
This just goes to show no one knows what’s around the corner.