Sunday, 5 July 2015


The Editor
Dear Sir, I wonder if any old pupils of Grange School realise that the school is 75 years old this year. It was early in 1940 that Mr Graham and Miss Greenwood (head teachers at the old High Street Board School which stood where the Coop shop and now Argos and Carpetland now stand) were informed that if they didn’t move at once to the newly built schoolin Station Road, that the Army would commandeer the empty building to accommodate the newly conscripted soldiers.
So over the weekend , staff and older children began filling lorries with books furniture etc.which they moved to the new classrooms.
The old Board School became a barracks and I remember seeing soldiers on guard there during the rest of the war. What a change it was from a severe Victorian building to an open plan modern school with large windows and open arched corridors.
I was 10 years old and later that year I passed the scholarship exam to the local Grammar School. Six years later I returned to the school as a ‘Pupil Teacher’ and after 2years at Derby Training College as a member of staff in 1949.

Mrs P J Blake (nee Flindall)