Friday, 2 October 2015


All her life, Clare had struggled with her weight. Problems with pain in her back and legs had become a way of life, for what she felt would be for ever and having a baby, although bringing lots of joy, brought with it, lots more pain.
“Things hit an all time low when I was in such pain that I was only able to move about using crutches and knew something just had to be done. I wanted to enjoy my little boy and do the things other young mum’s did with their children but feeling like this, I couldn’t.
So I took the plunge and joined my local Slimming World group. I was very nervous on that first visit but was immediately made to feel at ease and that I was amongst friends. The welcome I had and the support I was given was second to none.”
“Both my husband and l have big appetites and enjoy what I would call ‘hearty meals’ such as Cottage Pie, and with the Extra Easy plan this is more than possible. Being a busy mum meant I didn’t have time for too much weighing and measuring and found that it wasn’t necessary. We wanted to enjoy our weekend treats and still lose weight. In just a few weeks I had lost a stone and felt so much better and my husband was losing weight too. My energy levels where up and my crutches are now confined to the broom cupboard! I can’t begin to tell you how amazing that has made me feel.....and so proud that l have dropped two dress sizes already...what girl wouldn’t like that excuse to buy new clothes?”
“I’ve now trained to become a consultant and on Tuesday 6th October I am opening a brand new Tuesday evening group in Sawley at the New Sawley Methodist Church on Tamworth Road at 7:30pm.  Come along and let me help you feel as good and as healthy as I do, or if you would like more details, call me on 07970 34 249”