Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Twelve cars found unlocked in vehicle security operation Police found a total of 12 insecure vehicles and two with valuables on show during a security check in Sandiacre. Officers from Long Eaton Safer Neighbourhood Team were joined by a group of police cadets for the checks on Thursday, October 22nd. They spent the evening checking a total of 159 cars parked in Sandiacre and Risley. Twelve were insecure, while bags and other valuables were clearly displayed in two.
PCSO Heidi Andrew, from the team, said: “The number of insecure cars was low compared to the amount we checked, but there were still a dozen potential victims of crime. Thieves are opportunists and if they come across an insecure car, they won’t hesitate to look inside and take whatever valuables they can find. Making sure there are no valuables on show and locking your car when you leave it are two quick and easy ways to deter a thief and prevent you from becoming a victim.”
Officers from the team will be holding a security marking event at the recycling point at West Park Leisure Centre, in Long Eaton, from 1pm to 4pm on November 7th.
They will be there to mark people’s valuables, whether they are tools, electrical items, bicycles or watches. There will also be crime prevention items available, such as car alarms and stickers. It comes after a rise in the number of thefts from vehicles in the area over the last few weeks.
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