Sunday, 22 November 2015

Long Eaton & District Horticultural Society

The members attending the monthly meeting on Tuesday 17th November were treated to a tremendous presentation by Mr Don Whitton; his talk was entitled “Euphorbias” and listening to him and watching his slides it was very plain to see that the audience was enthralled.
This former schoolteacher who by his own admission was “a Yorkshireman with a sense of humour” proved he certainly had that. Using his humour to great advantage, as he explained with the help of his many slides the tremendous excitement his nationally renowned collection of Euphorbias gave both him and any audience that was fortunate enough to listen to him.
It was clearly evident Mr Whitton knew his stuff and following a question and answer session at the end the round of appreciation shown by the members present gave rise to that fact. An absolutely brilliant evening.
One of the announcements made by our Chairlady was the great news that the Salvation Army would be appearing at our annual Christmas Party on the 16th December. This event is always well attended and the Salvation Army we are sure will only add to the occasion.
If you wish to join the “Growing Community” you will be made very welcome and the first meeting for the coming New Year is on 19th January 2016 at the Moorlands Club, Curzon Street, Long Eaton and the guest speaker will be confirmed at a later date.