Saturday, 12 December 2015

The exhibition also features an intriguing four part work by Julie Genner. This is her interpretation of a digitally embellished photograph of wooden wave breaks (groynes) in the sea, by local photographer Howie Johnson. The extraordinary shapes are recreated in multi-layered hand cut card mounted on an embossed background, representing the ripples of the water. Julie is fascinated by textures, the effect of light on surfaces, spirals, geometric shapes and intertwined letters and numbers. All these are evident in her work using textiles, card, ceramics and other materials. You can contact her on E-mail:

Howie Johnson
is a retired retail manager whose professional career involved designing and being in charge of the merchandising displays of major retail chains. This included both inside the shops and all the windows. His expertise is invaluable to the rEvive project. Howie is also a well respected local photographer who has exhibited widely including The Lally Gallery at Erewash Museum: The Orangery at Derby Arboretum: and The Gothic Room at Elvaston Castle. He can be contacted on E-mail:, Tel: 07771644367 or visit his website at

Steffie Richards
is an artist whose chosen pieces to be displayed are two paintings which belong together (diptych) and produce a wonderful peaceful and calming vision of a landscape. Her technique for these is part of her new artistic practice. She is a multi disciplined Fine Artist-painter and 3D sculpture and her work currently involves an exploration into 3 dimensional painting. Her work has been exhibited widely and she also provides bespoke arts workshops in schools and the community. Steffie has a wide range of other art and performance practices including storytelling, film and video, photography and Media arts. Stefffie can be contacted on 07980 646763, at or visit her website.

Filling the two recessed windows are sculptures created by Allison Turner that let you escape into a world of fairies, magical people and animals. There is definitely an air of fantasy in Allison's work but she also displays a number of colourful collage pictures.
Allison explains:-"Powertex Sculptures are made from recycled natural fabrics, they are made to withstand all weathers and can live outdoors .I love to make sculptures with loved ones clothing - they are then a real keepsake." Allison, whose work is sold all over the world, leads classes and workshops from her studio in Stapleford.  She can be contacted on 07926 194588 or or via her website

The shop will be open from 10am to 4pm on three dates in December, listed below, but there will be other dates to be arranged which will be on the information notice on the shop window or contact the Arts Development office above for details.
December Opening Times - 10 am to 4 pm
December Shop Opening Dates: Friday 11th, Saturday 19th and Wednesday 22nd.

This new exhibition will be in the window until mid-January, when interesting and exciting work by Helen Morley will take its place. Dates for this are still to be confirmed and we plan a programme of new exhibitions in the future, offering opportunities for new emerging artistic talent to be brought into public view and enabling established artists to show new works and exhibit new creative directions.

If you have work to exhibit or would like to volunteer to help keep the shop open, meeting and greeting visitors, and teaming up with other CAFE/rEvive members please get in touch. We would be very happy to have your support in whatever role you choose. The 'Long Eaton Art World' is very much alive and will be on show throughout the coming months. Exciting times are ahead. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Written by Julie Genner on behalf of The rEvive Steering Group