Wednesday, 30 March 2016


February & March Meetings 2016 After the heavy rain and high winds of Hurricane Imogen, the theme for February’s prepared writing was ‘Naming the Storm’, titles included, ‘What Storm?’, ‘Reflections on Naming the Storm’ and ‘The Weather Watcher’. Jeanne White made us all laugh with her poem ‘Future Storm.’

I name this windstorm Donald,

In honour of Mr Trump,

For strange hair is his trademark,

And hot hair he does pump,

Ominous in his advent,

Destruction in his wake,

Oh! Flatulent noisy Donald,

You make us British quake!

An alternative theme was ‘Root/Route of Evil’. Titles included, ‘Money Troubles’, ‘Root of Evil’, ‘Money is the Root of all Evil’, ‘Mandrake’, ‘The Route of Evil’ and ‘The Last Taxi.’
Rod White won October’s Flash Fiction Competition with his story ‘The Intruder’ which he’ll be reading out to the group at the next meeting. Congratulations Rod!
The results of the Limerick Competition came in, Pam Gordon 1st, 2nd Sylvia Lake and 3rd Ian Wilkinson.
6 entries were handed in for EWG’s next competition which is for a Travel Article with a maximum word count of 1000.
John Barnes has recently self-published ‘Book One: Boyhood’ in his trilogy ‘Ryan’s Journey’. It’s 1939, the outbreak of World War Two, and ten year old Ryan Brannigan newly arrived from Ireland experiences the horrors and excitement of war. Well done John! John has his own website: where full details of how to buy a copy can be found.