Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Long Eaton Cricket Club are very sad to announce that their new defibrillator has been stolen from outside the pavilion on West Park, Long Eaton. The defibrillator had been made available to help save the life of any cardiac arrest victim who may have fallen fall ill whilst on West Park. Last September many club members, associates and friends helped to raise the £1100 required for this important community facility. It could be you who needs the equipment next! A spokesman for the Clubs said:
“We are all very sad to think that anyone should wish to steal such an important piece of life saving equipment. The defibrillator has a serial number, which has now been registered as stolen, making the equipment redundant and of no value to anyone! If you help to support a local sports club or community activity, please be aware that you may be offered a “cheap” defibrillator. It cannot ever be used, since you will not be able to buy the chest pads or re-charge the battery, as the serial number is required. LECC are prepared to offer a reward of £50 for the successful recovery of the defibrillator. All you need to do is to inform us of the serial number, and where we can collect the equipment from. If you can help us with any information, please contact us on 07970 – 809145, or contact the Police on 101 or 0345 – 1233333.”