Tuesday, 7 June 2016


A knock on the door LEADS TO a £6,800 win for Chellaston Man

Being a charitable man, when Mr Green answered the knock at the door to the Treetops Lottery canvasser back in October 2015 he was happy to listen to the information about the local Treetops Hospice Care charity and how he could support it by playing the Treetops Lottery. Mr Green decided that as it was only £1 per week to play he would sign up.
Retired Mr Green of Chellaston followed the weekly prize draw results with interest, watching the roll-over prize gradually rise from £800 when he joined to over £6,000 by May 2016.
"Id been looking at the roll-over for weeks and weeks and weeks and it had been going up and up, but I thought, well no-ones going to win that, so it surprised me!” Mr Green, Chellaston

On Friday 27 May 2016 Mr Greens lucky lottery number was drawn at random to win the £6,800 roll-over prize in the weekly Treetops Lottery cash prize draw. Mr and Mrs Green were shopping in a local garden centre for plants when they received the phone call to inform them of their win.
After news of their windfall had sunk in Mr and Mrs Green decided to spend their winnings on garden improvements, purchasing a large clematis plant from the garden centre the very same day!
Mr Green is now incredibly pleased he answered the door to the canvasser and has some words of advice for anyone considering playing this charity lottery;
“Try it, you’
Ive got a better chance of winning than you ever have on the National Lottery and the money goes straight to the charity.” Mr Green, Chellaston

The Treetops Lottery has been established since 1996 and over the last 20 years has helped to raise over £4 million pounds for the Treetops Hospice Care charity. The charity provides free nursing care and emotional support for adults and their families in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire with illnesses such as cancer, motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis. Each entry into the weekly cash prize draw is just £1 and all proceeds go to the charity. Theres a guaranteed weekly prize fund of £1,150 plus a roll-over prize of up to £10,000. For more information about the Treetops Lottery and Treetops Hospice Care or to become a member please visit