Wednesday, 15 June 2016


A caring and community minded local resident has found and returned the defibrillator which was stolen last month from its cabinet attached to Long Eaton Cricket Club’s pavilion on West Park, Long Eaton. Whilst out walking her dog in West Park, the resident, who wishes to be known as Lucy, saw the defibrillator semi-hidden amongst some long grass and a hedgerow, near to the old canal side foot bridge that joins Tamworth Road to Long Eaton School. Lucy very kindly telephoned the previously advertised contact number for information with regards to the defibrillator, then sent photographs of the various serial numbers, which confirmed that what she had found was the stolen defibrillator.
Lucy has now received the £50 reward offered by LECC for the successful return of this life saving equipment. Such outstanding community minded thoughtfulness clearly shows that people who live in Long Eaton really do care, and were appalled by what happened.
The defibrillator is damaged and cannot be used for medical purposes, however, the SADS UK charity, which supplied the equipment after the Club’s fund raising efforts, has very generously replaced the stolen unit at no cost to LECC. This is a further example of how community minded so many people and organisations there are.
LECC is looking in to the possibility of installing CCTV equipment and security lighting in the very near future, in order to try to prevent further incidents of such mindless theft and vandalism. The defibrillator is for the whole community to access, should there be a cardiac arrest on West Park. If you would like to make a small donation towards this community based life saving equipment, please contact LECC on 07970 809145.