Friday, 22 July 2016


Continued from last edition of the Website Extra
The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway bus rally was held on Sunday 3rd July. Setting out at 9.23 for the station, I bought my ticket from Julian, crossed the road to redeem my Euromillions win (£2.50!) at Bains, and walked up to the platform, where old friend Peter Haddon was waiting for me. We got the train to Duffield, where we had slightly less than an hour wait for the 1st bus to Wirksworth. This was ex-Trent 1973 Bristol RE TCH 274L. I ate part of a pork pie, on the platform and then caught ex-Derby Corporation 1951 Crossley CRC 911, which usually appears at Elvaston Steam Rally at this time of year. This is a fine bus. I then had a choice, to get Coventry Corporation Daimler 334 CRW or Royal Blue Leyland PS2 coach FNV 557, both attractive propositions. Peter chose the former, and I opted for the latter. He had also been on ex-Bournemouth Daimler Roadliner KRU 55F on an extra run at 1145, which took 'til 1235 to get back from Carsington. In the meantime I had a ride up the 1in 27 incline to Ravenstor pushed by 0-4-0 saddle tank 'Brian Harrison', built by Andrew Barclay at Kilmarnock in 1954, same year as me. The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire flypast was at 2.23. FNV 557 got back to Wirksworth station just as Leyland Leopard PRA 109R was departing, which disappointed me, as I wanted a ride on that bus. So, I waited for the next run of the steam engine up the incline, which just allowed enough time to get the last bus of the day, ex-Trent Bristol RE FRB 208H to Duffield, but I needn't have rushed, as it departed 8 minutes late. We had 1/2 an hour to wait for our train, so had a cup of tea from the brake van parked in the platform, from which I also purchased a Blackpool mug for 50p. I had a piece of Huntsman Pie (from Ashbourne) with my tea. The train was a couple of minutes late to Long Eaton. I wished well for Peter's mum, we parted, and I walked home. It had been a lovely, sunny day, and I enjoyed the outing enormously.
Derby 111 (CRC 911).

The new old booking hall @ Wirksworth
0-4-0 saddle tank 'Brian Harrison'
Tuesday 5th July was the occasion of the West Park Walkers' annual trip, this year to York. We had a Skill's coach, as usual now, and departed the Leisure Centre at 9am, on the dot. Travel was quick, via the M1, M18, A64, & A19, arriving at St. George's Field Riverside Coach Park at 1040. I am pleased to say there is a modern toilet block there, but with a charge of 40p. However, if you do not lock the door, you do not have to pay. A group of us walked along the river to the York Boat landing. I paid the Senior fare of £7, and the boat 'Captain James Cook' departed soon after. It went up to the Scarborough (railway) Bridge, before turning round, and going down to the Millenium Bridge, which was opened on 10th April in 2001, the true Millenium. They used to go to the Archbishop of York's palace at Bishopthorpe. I left the boat at the Ouse Bridge landing, and walked round the city centre looking for a lottery shop, buying a copy of the York Press newspaper, and stopping at Betty's to buy a Yorkshire Curd Tart and small Quiche Lorraine. I then went to Exhibition Square, the start point for the City Sightseeing open-top bus tour. After applying the senior discount, and presenting my boat ticket, the cost came down to £6. There was a live guide on the tour, which lasted 52 minutes. After this, I sat down in Exhibition Square, and ate a late lunch of pork pie and Mini Cheddars, from the lucky bag I had been handed just before I got on the coach. People who had checked on their phones, said there was going to be rain from 1 and a thunderstorm at 2. Fortunately this did not come to pass. I then walked to The Shambles, and looked round the market there. The thing that took my interest was a Hornsea Pottery cruet set for £7.50. I also bought a spinach and chickpea roll from the Bluebird Bakery for £1.50. My next call was at the York Brewery Yorkshire Terrier pub and shop, on Stonegate. There, I had a pint of the eponymous beer (4.2%), cost £3.15, with Camra discount, and bought a set of 3 beers for £6.30. I stopped at St. Helen's Square for a high tea snack of Seabrook sea salted crisps, and had another ride on the open-top bus to Fishergate, where I walked to the coach park for a 1/4 to 5, in good time for the departure south. I read the York Press, on the coach, and ate a dinner of Crunchy Oat Crummbles and Kit Kat Crunchy. I prepared to walk home as we arrived back at the Leisure Centre, but was delighted to be offered a lift by Burnley Dave, in his little grey Hyundai, which made the perfect end to a lovely day. I was in time to watch The 1 Show, with a delightful item on greyhounds v. cheetahs, and to let my pussy cat out in the garden. I had a piece of Betty's Yorkshire Curd Tart for my supper, which was lovely.