Thursday, 1 September 2016


 Taking advantage of Trent Barton’s all weekend travel offer for seven pounds (valid throughout August) I hopped on a indigo and made my merry way to The Charlton arms in Chilwell. Beautifully redecorated recently, Charlton, with its large car park, proved an ideal meeting place for all manner of original and modified shiny scooters. Performing inside were The Incredible skank brothers, living up the crowd with ska classics from Madness to The specials. The back of the venue held tombola with all proceeds going to Forces in the community and British Legion and a merch stall for all ya trilby patches badges and pin needs. At 3pm a ride out was planned to the Long Eaton Cenotaph with a detour of Chetwyn army barracks to pay respects to the armed forces there. On their return an announcement of the competition winners with the awards presented by this is England star George Newton (banjo). Daniel and jade from sneinton bagged best mod and modette while Andrew Hart took best vespa and John from Billbrough stole the best mod scoot on show. Keeping up morale inside, d.js Poppa bear and Cynthia B treated the audience to some cracking tracks from ska, two tone, reggae and northern soul all lovingly played on vinyl records.
The weather signified otherwise but the day was also Nottingham’s Caribbean carnival, leaving the bash I headed to the Victoria embankment parting with a highly reasonable two pounds donation entry. Sponsored by radio one extra with an array of d.j, the only names I recognised were Hacienda legend Graeme Park and Cass Roc. Taking headlining spot, main stage was Brinsley Forde with his Aswad experience compared by D.j Steel. With a haiwian Lei garland, flowers in my hair and fresh coconut in my hand ( with party umbrella obviously) listening to the sound of a steel drum band and smelling the aromas of jerk chicken cooking I couldn’t have felt more like I was on a beautiful Caribbean island, except for the good old British weather of course.